Punto Banco Baccarat Vocabulary

Are you curious as to what Punto Banco baccarat means? Do you want to know some inside vocabularies from Punto Banco baccarat professionals? Well, you've come to the right place. I give you some very important vocabularies used in playing Punto Banco baccarat.

Baccarat is an Italian word that means 'zero' or 'zero points.' It is declared by the croupier when two cards have a sum of ten. This, of course, has a value of zero in Punto Banco baccarat.

Punto is a bet that you place on the player's hand. This means that if punto has a total card value higher than banco's, the Punto Banco baccarat player's bet on punto would be paid with a one to one payoff with no commission.

Banco is a bet placed on the hand of the banker. If the banker wins then the Punto Banco baccarat player that bet on it gets even money payoff but with a 5% commission to the casino taken out of his banco winnings.

Punto Banco is the term used to refer to the game of baccarat that first originated in Cuba in the 1500s played by the rich and high class of South America.

Egalite is a bet made in Punto Banco baccarat for a tie. This means that Punto Banco baccarat players who bet egalite expect that both the punto and banco will have the same total card sum. It is paid with eight to one payoff with no casino commissions.

A Punto Banco Tableau or tirage is a table containing the rules when the punto or the banco should get a third card.

The tax line is the line located at the Punto Banco baccarat table where players place their 5% commission given to the casino and taken out from their banco payoff winnings.

The shoe, in Punto Banco baccarat, is the place where a deck or decks of cards are placed. This is usually only handled by croupiers but some large Punto Banco baccarat variant allows players to take turns in distributing the cards.

A non-betting coup happens in Punto Banco baccarat if the croupier accidentally draws an extra card. When this happens the game in progress will commence but the extra card will be placed under the shoe. The extra card will be used in the next game but the game will be played without bets or payoffs.

In Punto Banco baccarat it is courteous to give tips to the croupier. This adds to the staff's profits. If the croupier receives a tip from a player he says "Merci pour les employes" which means "Thank You on behalf of the staff."