Mini Baccarat vs. Classic Baccarat

Mini Baccarat is a very simple game and is as easy to learn as the original Baccarat game. You can even say that it's the easiest table game to learn in any casino. There no special skills a player is required to acquire to be really good at this game. The same rules in Classic Baccarat also apply to Mini Baccarat, but with some slight adjustments.

The great overall playing odds and low house edge make Mini Baccarat a really attractive game. What's more is that in Mini Baccarat you don't have to worry about the high stakes and the dress code like Classic Baccarat.

Here are some of the differences of Mini Baccarat and Classic Baccarat.

One difference among the two is the role of banker. The banker always plays the role of dealer in Mini Baccarat. The players don't get to the cards also. In Classic Baccarat, however, players take turns playing the role of banker and the shoe is passed among them.

Classic Baccarat uses with eight decks while a game of Mini Baccarat would usually use a six-deck shoe. That being the case, the odds slightly favor the house when it comes to tie bets in Mini Baccarat. Both games have the house edge at 1.06% on the banker bet and 1.24% on the player bet.

A tie in Classic Baccarat has a house edge of 14.36% on the tie, whereas Mini Baccarat has it up to 14.44%. That's one turn off for Mini Baccarat, but it's a really slight one, really.

In Mini Baccarat only dealers get to handle the cards. This makes the dealing process quite faster than the classic version. Cards will be dealt right side up in Mini Baccarat.

In Mini Baccarat only one dealer will handle the whole game and deals the cards unlike the classic version, where there will be several dealers. The players are not allowed to touch the cards in Mini Baccarat.

Players don't have to worry over the huge bets in Mini Baccarat. The minimum bet sometimes can be as low as two to five dollars. That would make the game "accessible" to those of us who don't have huge bankrolls.

Since Mini Baccarat plays on a smaller table (it pretty much resembles a blackjack table), there are fewer players. Classic Baccarat would have lots of well-dressed high rollers on the big table. Mini Baccarat is also less formal so we don't have to worry about which suit we're supposed to put on.

Mini Baccarat gives us regular folks a chance to enjoy this great game. The lower stakes and the relaxed atmosphere make this game quite appealing.