Baccarat: A History Discovered

The exact origin of baccarat is up to now, in a state of ambiguity. No one is really sure where baccarat came from, as several countries lay claim to the roots of this much loved card game. But through the various versions of the origin of baccarat, there are two things that can be noted from its history. One is that baccarat is a very old game. And then the other thing is, baccarat has evolved into several variations as it traveled from country to country, and from continents to continents.

There are also two major theories that attempted to trace the beginnings of baccarat. One famous version is a story of a blonde virgin whose fate was decided by throwing a nine-sided die. It is an old Etruscan ritual of the nine gods. The result of her throw will determine whether she will be made into a priestess, be banned form any other form of religious ritual or die by walking into the sea.

Another famous version states that baccarat came from Italy during the Middle Ages. An Italian gambler named Felix Falguierein was said to have invented baccarat. It was then known as Tarrochi and is played using a tarot card deck.

Although baccarat was generally believed as an Italian invention, France has made baccarat its game of choice after it was introduced in the country sometime around 1490 A.D. At first, baccarat was exclusive to the noble class of France. Centuries after, baccarat was allowed to be played in French casinos. French people of all walks of life began enjoying this fancy card game.

Accordingly, several versions of baccarat emerged. The rules of baccarat have evolved along with its name. One of the most famous versions of baccarat is called "Chemin De Fer", which literally means "Street of Fire". This version of baccarat was so famous that it even made its way to across the English Channel to England. Some rules of the French version were altered and it became known as "European Baccarat". The English version found its way to South America and became do popular that in 1950s, an American version emerged.

Baccarat's American version was mainly derived from the baccarat played in the infamous Capri Casino in Havana, Cuba. The game was widely played in Cuba until the government of Cuba closed the casinos around the country.

At present, variations of baccarat continue to emerge. Baccarats rules may vary from country to country, but one thing is common among these baccarat versions; baccarat is a card game that will always be enjoyed and loved by generations to come.